Effects of the Concept of Infection Factors and Nursing Care on Postoperative Recovery of Gynecological Malignant Tumor Patients

Author(s): Sun Guangfan*

Gastrointestinal surgery is currently a common gastrointestinal surgery in clinical practice. In recent years, the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases has gradually increased and increased as the lifestyle of modern people has developed and changed. Both physical health and quality of life have a serious impact. In the actual process, it was found that multiple links in operating room care may increase the risk of postoperative infections for patients. Therefore, this article proposes nursing in operating room based on simple virtual reality augmented technology. This article mainly studies the effect of nursing intervention on preventing gastrointestinal surgical incision infection, and hopes to provide help for preventing gastrointestinal surgical incision infection. In this trial, 80 patients with gastrointestinal surgery were randomly divided into two groups, each with 40 people. The experimental group was treated with an operating room nursing intervention combined with traditional treatment methods. Controls were treated with traditional nursing combined with traditional treatment, and both groups were analyzed for acceptance of nursing intervention in the operating room, poor mood, various indicator levels, postoperative complications, and postoperative incisional infections. The experiment proved that the postoperative rehabilitation indexes of the experimental group were better than those of the control group, the excellent rate of wound healing reached 92.5%, and the incidence of wound infection was only 5%, which was lower than that of the control group. This demonstrates that nursing intervention in the operating room can help to reduce the infection rate at the patient's incision site, increase the level of surgical indicators, promote healing of the incision site as quickly as possible, and significantly improve the safety of clinical treatment.