Early Outcomes of On-Pump versus Off-Pump CABG

Author(s): Maziar Karamnejad, Seyed Hossein Ahmadi Tafti, Saeed Davoodi, Seyed Khalil Forouzannia

Background: A post-surgical complication after on-pump and off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) is a controversial issue among different cardiac surgeons to re-vascularize ischemic myocardia.

Objective: The aim of this study is comparing early outcome after on-pump and off-pump CABG.

Methods: This is a randomized clinical trial in ischemic heart disease patients who divided into 2 groups according to surgical method. Early outcomes for 30 days are evaluated in 104 patient undergone on-pump and off-pump CABG. SPSS analysis is used to compare incidence of stroke, infection, exploration surgery, myocardial infarction, renal failure, rate of survival and so on between two groups.

Result: Among 104 patients who underwent CABG, 36 patients were treated by on-pump surgery and 68 patients by off-pump surgery. Homogeneity for demographic characteristics and risk factors are observed between two groups. Among 30 days, after surgery EF (p: 0.735), stroke (p: 0. 465), infection (p: 0.201), exploration surgery (p: 0.795), ICU and hospital stay (p: 0.123, p: 0. 082), ICU and hospital readmission (p: 0. 946, p: 0.644), bleeding volume during 24 h after surgery (p: 0. 186) did not show significant statistical difference between two groups.

Conclusion: In this clinical registry, early outcome for 30 days after on-pump and off-pump CABG showed no significant differences within complications after surgery between on-pump and off-pump groups.