Durable magnetic super hydrophobic melamine sponge to solve complex sea oil spills.

Author(s): Alex Harry, David Miller

Offshore oil spills have devastating consequences for the environment and people’s health.
To solve this problem, a simple and environmentally friendly impregnation process was
used in combination with shell bionics. Using the viscosity of polydopamine nanoFe3O4
and WS2 adhere to the skeleton of the melamine sponge then the magnetic sponge is
modified with n-octadecanethiol (OTD) and finally the hyper hydrophobic melamine.
Modified with magnetic sponge). I was ready. The modified sponge is super-hydrophobic
high adsorption capacity recyclable (oil adsorption capacity is basically unchanged after
25 cycles), and efficiency. Oil-water separation performance it can quickly separate oil on
the water surface and water. In addition, the modified sponge exhibits excellent stability
and durability even under harsh usage conditions such as strong sunlight, strong acid,
strong alkali, and high salt content, and the moving direction of the sponge can be
controlled by applying a magnetic field. In summary, mMS has many potential uses as a
new magnetic adsorption material for dealing with complex oil spills