Disclosure of the Generation and Accumulation of the Hydrogen in Steel and Graphite Irradiated by Neutrons in Inert Environment

Author(s): Krasikov E

It is known that in traditional power engineering hydrogen may be one of the firstprimary source of equipment damage. This problem has high actuality for both nuclear and thermonuclear power engineering . Particularly reactor pressure vessels (RPV) of the WWER-440/230 project were manufactured without stainless cladding that were in contact with primary circuit water and accessible for hydrogen as a product of RPV wall corrosion. Analysis of the combined radiation-hydrogenation embrittlement of the 48TS type vessel steel was performed in where at the mention of the American and own data question concerning unknown source of hydrogen in metal that was irradiated in nuclear reactor in hermetic ampoules (was named as “irradiation-produced hydrogen” (IPH) was raised.