Coronavirus Awareness

Author(s): Muniappan Muthuchamy

The treatment for nonspecific viral infections by Acupuncture started much before they knew the virus. The most important symptoms of viral infection is fever, which the chinese treated by herbal medicines and acupuncture without bothering much about virus. When fever is symptom, they started giving the same treatment, by which the patients cured. They also knew God has given that immunity power to fight against virus without bothering much about how the power is? Now recently (4 months before), the Chinese acupuncturists successfully used acupuncture to prevent and treat coronavirus infections. We acupunturists in India strongly believe this acupuncture treatment. The mechanism of action of acupuncture is, it releases Interferon inside the body by activating certain acupuncture points by acupuncturists. The Interferon is a glycoprotein cytokine, which is a powerful immuno-stimulant by activating the CMI which god has given to us at the time of birth itself. It is nonspecific antiviral including coronavirus. It is suitable drug synthesized by DNA recombinant drug for the treatment of nonspecific antiviral. But is very costly and has to be given by injection. Hence it is not suitable to be used for prevention. But the same drug is released inside the body by acupuncture, which is the cheapest and also acts as vaccine to prevent coronavirus infection. This talk is in detail about the mechanism of action of the accupuncture method and it is better than allopathy treatment and cheapest and less side effects. I could prove that acupuncture releases inside the body the cheapest vaccine cum drug for the coronavirus, which is gifted by the god to all of us, without any discremination.