Coronary-Coronary bypass graft as a safe and an alternative technique for revascularization of coronary arteries

Author(s): Bzikha Reda, Gautier Charles Henri

Coronary–coronary bypass graft was first performed by Rowland and Grooters. This technique can be performed between two segments of the same coronary artery using saphenous vein grafts or free arterial grafts in on/off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting, also can be an alternative safe technique in some cases as calcified ascending aorta, porcelain aorta and insufficient graft length. The coronary– coronary bypass graft can provide nearly the same flow rate as conventional coronary artery bypass graft, another advantage this technique is that we can use to decrease sternal and respiratory morbidity. we performed this technique to a 55-year-old woman to whom coronary angiography showed critical three-vessel disease, using a free segment of right internal mammary artery, combined to conventional coronary artery bypass graft. The postoperative course was uneventful with the absence of ischemic lesions and the grafts were patent at 6 months after procedure.

Aim: This aim of this article is to describe this technique and suggest the ways that we can use it.