Chakras and energy Imbalances in Patients with urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction after prostate cancer surgery

Author(s): Huang Wei Ling

Statement of the Problem: Urinary incontinence is a common side effect of prostatectomy, affecting 6-8% of men who pass through the surgery. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), urinary incontinence is caused by Kidney Yang deficiency. Purpose: To demonstrate that patients with post- prostatectomy urinary incontinence have Kidney-Yang energy deficiency and deficiency on the chakras energy meridians. The treatment of these imbalances on the root level are important for the success on the treatment of this pathology. Methods: One case report, patient named J.D.S., 60- year-old male. The patient had prostate cancer, and performed the procedure of prostatectomy.

Conclusion: Based on this case report, patients with urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction post-cancer prostatectomy have energy imbalances and chakras energy deficiency as the root of the symptoms. The treatment rebalancing these energies and replenishing the chakras energy centers, with high-diluted medications is crucial for the recovery of the symptoms presented after the surgery.