Breast Cancer Treatment Using Liposome Technology

Author(s): Mattia Tiboni

The therapeutic index of anticancer medications that are not otherwise encapsulated can theoretically be improved by liposome-based chemotherapy used to treat breast cancer. This is partly explained by the fact that liposomes’ ability to deliver higher medication concentrations to the tumour site enables the encapsulation of cytotoxic drugs. The phospholipid bilayer also aids to limit exposure of the drug to healthy sensitive tissue and prevents the encapsulated active form of the drug from being broken down in the body before reaching tumour tissue. Despite the fact that clinically authorised liposomebased chemotherapeutics like Doxil have shown to be quite efficient in the treatment of breast cancer, serious problems with insufficient drug transfer between the liposome and cancer cells still exist. In this study, we talk about recent developments in the creation of chemotherapeutics based on liposomes that have improved drug transfer for use in the treatment of breast cancer.