Barriers of Implementing of Self-Management in COPD Patients at Community Healthcare Centers Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Profession: A Literature Review

Author(s): Sato Yusuke

Evidence-based practice is important in improving the overall quality of patient care, enhance nursing practice and increase the confidence in decision-making. Evidence-based practice is a technique used in solving clinical issues regarding patient care by integrating well-designed evidence with patient preferences, patient assessments and health professionals. The aim of this review is to explore barriers that confront nursing in the implementation of Evidence-based practice. Consequently, by determining some of the barriers to the implementation of EBP among nurses, health care systems can form solutions that allow the health centers to avoid such issues and execute the approach among health care providers.

Nursing administrators and educators have the main role to facilitate evidence-based practice implementation among nurses, therefore; the findings of this review can help to overcome the identified barriers. Training and education are important to enhance knowledge and skills of nurses to use evidence based in practice. Time management, providing the required resources and adequate supervision can facilitate the implementation of evidence-based practice which positively influences the quality of care.