Amorphous cardiac calcified tumor in the early stages of pregnancy

Author(s): Kamran Torabi

A rare neoplastic cardiac mass known as a calcified amorphous tumor (CAT) can cause symptoms similar to those of cancer. We described a 4-month-old male infant with repeated cyanosis attacks and a heart murmur in this report. An uncircumcised tumoral mass adhering to the interstitial septum and the inferior vena cava was found on echocardiography in the right atrium. Cardiovascular investigation was completed to extract the cancer. A histopathological examination revealed the presence of foreign body-type giant cell reactions and thrombus-like tissue with extensive calcification. The patient’s hospital stay was uneventful following the operation. In spite of the fact that Feline is primarily analyzed in grown-up patients, it ought to be viewed as in the reasons for heart mass in the neonatal period.