Affect of Diabetess and Medication on Treatment and Outcome of Stage II Colon Cancer Patients

Author(s): Reeya B

Diabetes is a risk factor for colorectal cancer, and some reports suggest that cancer-specific outcomes in diabetics are worsening. Recent studies of several tumor types indicate that metformin may have a positive effect on specific cancer survival and overall survival. A population-based series of stage II colorectal cancer patients treated and followed from 2000 to 2013 were analyzed for baseline characteristics, treatment, and outcomes. 1116 patients with stage II colon cancer were identified, 55.5% were male and the mean age was 70.9 years. Patients with diabetes were older than patients without diabetes, averaging 74.0 vs 69.6, p=0.0001. There was no impact of diabetes on cancer presentation or pathology. Diabetics were less likely to receive adjuvant therapy, but were also more likely to complete treatment. Diabetes had no significant impact on cancer recurrence or overall survival, adjusted for age. Diabetes drugs had no impact on cancer recurrence or survival. Cancer expression and outcomes in patients with diabetes are comparable to those in non-diabetic patients in those with stage II colon cancer. The effects of metformin need to be further evaluated in patients with colon cancer.