A Short Note on The Interaction of Sheep Genomic DNA with a Cobalt(II) Complex Containing p-Nitrobenzoate and N,N`-Diethylnicotinamide Ligands

Author(s): Romica Cretu

The synthesized cobalt(II) advanced, CoPNBDENA and therefore the binding of this complex with sheep genomic polymer were investigated by UV–Visible absorption and viscosity techniques. Conjointly the interaction of sheep genomic polymer with the advanced was studied mistreatment the agarose gel ionophoresis methodology. The results indicated that the complex interacted with polymer. the character of the binding perceived to be chiefly associate electrostatic interaction between polymer and therefore the cobalt(II) advanced. Alternative binding modes such as atomic number 1 bonds may exist during this system. during this study, once the interaction of DNA– CoPNBDENA, it had been ascertained that the migration of the polymer band became slow as the amount of cobalt(II) advanced was accrued. This clearly demonstrates that the CoPNBDENA advanced neutralizes the negative charges of polymer.