A controlled, randomized study of the effects of music intervention on the mother's anxiety and stress during a caesarean section

Author(s): Caroline Julie

Background: During pregnancy and childbirth, stress and anxiety have negative effects on both the mother and the baby. Music may have a beneficial effect in this circumstance, as evidenced by the circumstances. The present study looks into how the mother’s anxiety and stress are affected by music during the caesarean section. Methods: 304 patients are included in the single-center, controlled, and randomized SAMBA study. Through loudspeakers, the women in the intervention group heard music from one of four self-selected genres. Music was not used in the standard treatment for the control group. Regional anesthesia was used during the caesarean section. Different subjective (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, visual analogue scale for anxiety) and objective parameters (salivary cortisol/amylase, heart rate, blood pressure) parameters were collected at admission, during the skin incision, during the skin suture, and two hours after the surgery was finished. Data were analyzed using independent sample t-tests and mixed-factorial variance analysis. Conclusions: The expectant mother can reduce her stress and anxiety by listening to music during her caesarean section.