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Evaluating clinical results based on the amount of publicity is a basic toxicology precept known as dose-response. The dose is the entire amount of chemical absorbed at some point of an exposure. Dose relies upon at the concentration of the chemical and length (contact time) of the exposure.  The traditional definition of toxicology is "the technological know-how of poisons." As our know-how of how various sellers can reason harm to humans and different organisms, a extra descriptive definition of toxicology is "the take a look at of the adverse effects of chemicals or physical dealers on dwelling organisms   ·       Mechanistic toxicology: The observe of the way a chemical causes toxic results via investigating its absorption, distribution, and excretion. ·       Descriptive toxicology: The poisonous homes of chemical agents are systematically studied for diverse endpoints using a selection of different organisms. ·     Scientific toxicology: They examine of toxic consequences of numerous tablets within the frame, and also are worried with the treatment and prevention of drug toxicity in the population. ·       Forensic toxicology: A department of medication that specializes in medical proof of poisoning, and tries to set up the volume to which poisons have been worried in human deaths. ·       Environmental toxicology: The take a look at of the effects of pollutants on organisms, Populations, ecosystems, and the biosphere.  

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