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  Histology is that the study of the microanatomy of cells, tissues, and organs as seen through a magnifier. It examines the correlation between structure and performance. Histology, additionally referred to as general anatomy or microanatomy, is that the branch of biology that studies the general anatomy of biological tissues. Microscopic anatomy is that the microscopic counterpart to anatomy, that appearance at larger structures visible whiles not a microscope. Though one might divide general anatomy into organology, the study of organs, histology, the study of tissues, and biology, the study of cells, trendy usage places these topics below the sector of microscopic anatomy. In medication, histopathology is that the branch of microscopic anatomy that has the microscopic identification and study of pathologic tissue. Within the field of palaeontology, the term paleohistology refers to the microscopic anatomy of fossil organisms  Maximum scientists use the processes developed by means of histology throughout the path of their studies. While histology is a particularly vast area, each researcher commonly is aware the fundamental histology of the organism they're working on. A botanist won't apprehend the human kidney, but plant tissues would be noticeably acquainted. The practices of histology have extended to nearly every area in technology because of how beneficial they're in making ready and visualizing tissues..

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