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 Soft body dynamics may be a field of special effects that focuses on visually realistic physical simulations of the motion and properties of deformable objects.The applications are mostly in video games and film. Unlike in simulation of rigid bodies, the form of sentimental bodies can change, meaning that the relative distance of two points on the thing isn't fixed. While the relative distances of points aren't fixed, the body is predicted to retain its shape to a point (unlike a fluid). The scope of sentimental body dynamics is sort of broad, including simulation of sentimental organic materials like muscle, fat, hair and vegetation, also as other deformable materials like clothing and fabric. Generally, these methods only provide visually plausible emulations instead of accurate scientific/engineering simulations, though there's some crossover with scientific methods, particularly within the case of finite element simulations. Several physics engines currently provide software for soft-body simulation.In this approach, the body is modeled as a group of point masses (nodes) connected by ideal weightless elastic springs obeying some variant of Hooke’s law. The nodes may either derive from the sides of a two-dimensional polygonal mesh representation of the surface of the thing , or from a three-dimensional network of nodes and edges modeling the interior structure of the thing (or even a one-dimensional system of links, if for instance a rope or hair strand is being simulated). Additional springs between nodes are often added, or the force law of the springs modified, to realize desired effects

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