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 The severity of an impression depends not only on the speed of the collision that produces it, but also on the shapes of the colliding objects and their rigidity. It are often reduced by energy-absorbing structures and padding material by allowing simultaneous deformation of the body and of the surface collided with.156 186 187 189 191 193 This extends the duration of impact and reduces the danger of injury.Because of the inertial resistance of the body tissues and therefore the elastic and viscous compliance of body structures, force is developed on the body during impact. Force deforms and accelerates the body. Research in biomechanics involves a spread of disciplines, including engineering, physiology, medicine, biology, and anatomy. Thus, there's no unified approach or single area of coaching , education, or experience. Research is usually conducted by teams of engineering, medical, and other personnel, and therefore the combining of such disciplines is a crucial element of a successful study. Detailed reviews of the literature on various aspects of injury biomechanics are available,A mechanism of injury involves the mechanical deformations and physiologic responses that cause an anatomic lesion or functional change. Knowledge of injury mechanisms is prime to the science of injury biomechanics, because it points to the acceptable biomechanical measurements that characterize injuries.  

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