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 Substrate specificity studies have disclosed that the fluorinase will catalyze the conversion of 2′‐deoxyadenosine substrates sixteen and seventeen to seventeen, each the each and each analogues sixteen and seventeen were synthesised and assessed as substrates in these experiments and though each were less economical than five′‐FDA 5, the chloro analogue showed concerning five hundredth activity and also the fluoro analogue concerning 100 percent activity relative to the natural substrate. Removal of the atomic number 1 bonding interaction between the 2′‐hydroxyl cluster and cluster amazingly doesn't seem to kill this reaction [16]. To gain any insight into however these substrates bind at the situation, a co‐crystallisation study of 2′d‐FDA sixteen with the fluorinase was administrated administrated structure analysis and also the resultant structure is shown in Fig. 6. The analogue 2′d‐FDA sixteen sure at the situation is overlaid with five′‐FDA 5. it's clear that the orientation and conformation of the saccharide ring is altered. The 2‐deoxy‐ribose ring is puckered-up during a additional classical conformation, whereas five′‐FDA 5 contains a coplanar and additional extremely strained conformation. The aspartate process has enraptured a touch towards the 2′‐OH cluster and also the and also the within the alternative direction to accommodate a additional central divided bond.  

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