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Sports (and Exercise) Medicine (SEM) is now a recognized medicine in over 30 countries worldwide, and a recognized subspecialty in many others. The Italian version of this page Medicinal duello sport states that medicine societies were first established in Switzerland (1922) followed by: Germany (1924), France (1929) and Italy (1929) (Italian medicine Federation). Medicine was established as a specialty in Italy, the primary country to try to so, in 1958. The ecru Union of Medical Specialists has defined necessary training requirements for the establishment of the specialty of medicine during a given European country. It’s a goal of the ecru Federation of medicine Associations to eventually establish medicine as specialty altogether European countries. In Australia and New Zealand, Sport and Exercise Medicine may be a stand-alone medicine, with the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians being one among Australia's 15 recognized medicine Colleges. An anomaly with reference to (medical) specialty recognition of SEM is that it's not yet occurred in a number of the countries with very strong pedigrees in academic publication within the medicine field, including Sweden, Norway and South Africa. Medicine is merely a subspecialty field instead of stand-alone specialty within the USA and Canada. All of those countries have very strong research publication records within the SEM field.    

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