Skin Allergies Open Access Articles

 There are a unit many differing types of skin hypersensitivity reaction reactions that allergists treat. Hives (also referred to as urticarial) area unit raised fretful bumps. Usually hives seem cerise, and can “blanch” (or flip white) within the center once ironed. Dermatitis is often caused by exposure to a matter or pain in the ass. Eczema, conjointly referred to as dermatitis, affects between ten and twenty p.c of kids and one to three p.c of adults. A standard symptom of skin disease is dry, red, irritated and fretful skin. Sometimes, particularly once infected, the skin might have little, fluid-filled bumps that ooze a transparent or chromatic liquid. Folks with skin disease typically have a case history of allergies. Hives (urticarial) area unit red bumps or welts that seem on the body. The condition is termed acute nettle rash if it lasts for no quite six weeks, and chronic nettle rash if it persists on the far side six weeks. Acute nettle rash is most ordinarily caused by exposure to a matter or by AN infection. The reason for chronic nettle rash is basically unknown.