Rhizoctonia Solani

  Rhizoctonia solani (teleomorph: Thanatephorus cucumeris) is one of common disease throughout the world as well as the most economically important root diseases of cucumber with broad host range that includes most annual and many perennial plants. Generally, Rhizoctonia survives between crops as sclerotia or as fungal mycelia in the soil. Young plants are more susceptible to infection than older plants. Application of the fungicides pollutes the environment, leave harmful residues and can lead to the development of resistant strains of the pathogen. Use of nutrients and micronutrients i.e. pre planting treatment is alternative methods which reduce fungicides usage. OMICS Group International is one of the leading Open Access Publishers which is publishing 700+ peer-reviewed journals with the support of 50,000+ editorial board members as editorial team and aimed to disseminate the scholarly knowledge to the scientific society.  

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