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 Forensic odontology is proper handling, examination, and evaluation of dental evidence, which can be presented within the interest of justice. The evidence which will be derived from the teeth, the age (in children) and identification of the person to whom the teeth may belong. Knowledge of forensic dentist requires encompassing of number of disciplines, since the dental records obtained can identify a private or afford the knowledge needed by the authorities to determine identification of the case .Keiser-Neilson defined forensic dentistry as “that branch of forensic dentistry that within the interest of justice deals with the right handling and examination of dental evidence and therefore the proper evaluation and presentation of dental findings”.This article will offer you a collective review on the evolution, various methods and applications of forensic odontology, which plays a serious role keep the dental records accurately, and providing required information, which can help the legal authorities to acknowledge negligence, malpractice, fraud or abuse and identification of unknown individuals.The identification of remains by dental evidence is feasible because, the hard tissues are preserved after death and may even withstand a temperature of 1600 degree C when heated without appreciable loss of microstructure, and therefore the refore the status of a person’s teeth change throughout the life and the combination of decay, missing, filling are often obtained from any fixed time.  

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