Radiation Cystitis Open Access Journals:

Acute radiation cystitis occurs throughout or quickly after radiation treatment. It is usually self-limiting, and is usually manage predictably. Late radiation cystitis, on the additional hand, can build up from 6 months to 20 years after radiation therapy. The main present symptom is hematuria, which may differ from mild to severe, serious hemorrhage. Initial management includes intravenous fluid replacement, blood transfusion if indicated and transurethral catheterization with bladder failure and irrigation. Oral or parenteral agents that can be used to manage hematuria comprise conjugated estrogens, pentosan polysulfate or WF10. Cystoscopy with laser fulguration or electrocoagulation of blood loss points is sometimes effectual. Injection of botulinum toxin A in the bladder wall may reduce irritative bladder symptoms..