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Public policies are as old as governments. Whatever be the shape, oligarchy, monarchy, aristocracy, tyranny, democracy etc. whenever and wherever governments have existed, public policies are formulated and implemented. To deal with the numerous problems and demands of the people the govt has got to make many policies, these policies are called public policies. This Unit tries to elucidate the meaning and kinds of public policy. It’ll highlight the various components of a policy and distinguish between policy, decision and goal. An effort is going to be made to bring out the connection between politics and policy and importance and characteristics of public policy also will be discussed. There are various studies about public policy and lots of scholars have attempted to define public policy from different angles. Before explaining the meaning of public policy, allow us to first undergo a number of its definitions. Robert Eyestone terms public policy as "the relationship of state unit to its environment. Thomas R. Dye says that "public policy is whatever government chooses to try to to or to not do" Richard Rose says that "public policy isn't a choice, it's a course or pattern of activity. In Carl J. Friedrich's opinion public policy may be a proposed course of action of an individual, group or government within a given environment providing opportunities and obstacles which the policy was proposed to utilise and overcome in an attempt to succeed in a goal 01 realise an objective or purpose.  

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