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PHC is an approach to health beyond the normal health care system that focuses on health equity-producing policy . Primary health-care (PHC) has basic essential elements and objectives that help to achieve better health services for all. There are 8 elements of primary-health care (PHC). That listed below-E– Education concerning prevailing health problems and therefore the methods of identifying, preventing and controlling them. L– Locally endemic disease prevention and control. E– Expanded programme of immunization against major infectious diseases. M– Maternal and child health care including birth control . E– Essential drugs arrangement. T– Treatment of communicable and non-communicable disease and promotion of psychological state . S– Safe water and sanitation. Primary healthcare may be a term wont to describe the primary contact an individual has with the health system once they have a ill health or issue that's not an emergency. It is the a part of the health system that folks use most and should be provided, for instance , by a GP (GP), physiotherapist or pharmacist. Primary healthcare may be a term wont to describe a variety of healthcare providers who add the community. Any healthcare professional who is that the first point of contact for the health system are often a primary healthcare provider.Most people visit their GP (sometimes mentioned because the 'local doctor') as a primary step once they have a ill health that's not an emergency. The primary healthcare system also includes allied health professionals, like dentists and physiotherapists.

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