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Physiotherapy is a procedure that uses physical methods, such as massage and manipulation, to promote healing and wellbeing. Physiotherapy procedures are also used to help regain the range of movement following injury or illness in a person. Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession dedicated to working with people to identify and maximize their ability to move and function over their entire lifetime. Research papers are summaries of the current state of knowledge on a specific topic of study. Instead of announcing new study findings, they review or address work previously conducted by scientists and academics. Review article comes as systematic reviews and reviews of literature, and is a type of secondary literature. Systematic analyses define an authoritative set of requirements, and consider all original research papers previously published that meet the criteria. They then compare the results of those papers. In comparison, literature reviews provide a rundown of what the reviewers consider to be the best and most important prior publications. The "review paper" definition is distinct from peer-reviewed literature. A review can be peer-reviewed, and a review may be non-peer-reviewed as well.    

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