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Community pharmacy is positioning itself because the neighborhood community clinic, typically by inserting mobile care centers surpass nurse practitioners (NPs) or doc assistants (PAs) at intervals the community pharmacy—helping to still blur the lines between professions. As these centers begin taking care of chronic sickness, WHO ought to pay attention of those patients—the apothecary or the NP? once managing chronic sickness, is that the apothecary acting as a dependent or freelance practitioner? If the patient volume doesn't support two totally different practitioners, would the apothecary or NP be the higher professional to employ? after all, right away it's the NP as a result of the apothecary isn't recognized as a medical care professional. The case i'm attempting to form is that the apothecary with swollen skills may be the most effective kind of professional to use to assist the patient manage their chronic diseases. One reader aforesaid “Where I will see pharmacy creating Brobdingnagian strides isn't most in diagnosing, however in management”—and I agree. My concern is that we have a tendency to find yourself being neglected of this role as a result of we have a tendency to don't seem to be ready to attack this swollen role in medical care. Chronic sickness management is wherever i need pharmacists to be ready to operate. what's the most effective thanks to create this happen? Today’s student apothecary is being trained to perform this role okay. though I argue that chronic sickness management is that the apply of pharmacy, some pharmacists could think about it to be the apply of drugs as a result of it had been not the role they were trained to try to to in pharmacy college. One reader aforesaid, “I believe this is often the long run of our profession. I feel therefore powerfully concerning this I went back to highschool to induce a bachelor’s in nursing and that i am a couple of year far from graduating with my master’s of science in nursing that specialize in turning into a family NP.”