Pediatric Rehabilitation

 Our medicine physical medication & rehabilitation (PM&R) services emphasize developing a partnership with each patient and family, and establishing a comprehensive treatment set up which will bring home the bacon the simplest attainable outcome. Areas of specific experience embody spastic paralysis, brain tumors, medicine stroke and brain injury, jerkiness management, spine disorders, and chronic pain syndrome. Neurotoxin injections, alcohol nerve blocks and intrathecal baclofen medical care for jerkiness. Neurotoxin injections to secretion glands for drooling management. Children of all ages from birth to adulthood come back to Johns Hopkins for medicine rehabilitation. Despite your child’s health condition, we'll connect you with the proper Dr. or expert. Rehabilitation is that the method of restoring an individual with a incapacity to the fullest physical, mental, social, vocational, and economic quality of that the person is capable. Once people expertise medicine, fiber bundle, or contractor injuries or dysfunction caused by non-heritable unwellness processes (e.g.: stroke, tumors, severe illness) or trauma (e.g.: traumatic brain and neural structure injuries), they're typically candidates for a program of rehabilitation.

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