Parotid Gland Journals

 The parotid gland may be a major duct gland in several animals. In humans, the 2 salivary gland square measure gift on either facet of the mouth and ahead of each ears. They're the most important of the secretion glands. The mouth is a crucial purpose of entry for each the metabolic process and biological process tracts. It conjointly homes the tongue that plays associate integral role in speech, ingestion, and swallowing. The secretion glands aid during this method by secreting spittle that has protecting, digestive, and lubricating properties. Secretion glands square measure a subtype of secretory organ glands, that square measure organ structures that involve a duct system to unharness their merchandise onto associate animal tissue surface. This differs from endocrine glands that unharness their merchandise directly into the blood. The major secretion glands square measure all paired and contains the salivary gland, submandibular, and articulator glands. They're encapsulated and have their own ducts through that spittle is secreted into the cavum. The minor secretion glands square measure various (ranging between 600 to a thousand glands), square measure largely anon., and square measure cosmopolitan throughout the mouth.