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The ovaries form a component of the regenerative feminine system. Growing lady has 2 ovaries. They are oval equipped as a fiddle, around four centimeters in circumference, resting against the mass of the pelvis on either side of the belly (uterus) in a locale known as the ovarian fossa. They are protected by tendons connected to the abdomen but are not specifically connected to the remainder of the female mental system, such as the Falopian tubes, for example. The ovaries have two main ability to repair within the body. They produce oocytes (eggs) for therapy, containing the hormones, estrogen , and progesterone in the pregnancy. The ovarian capacity is constrained by gonadotrophin-discharging hormone discharged from nerve cells in the center of the nerve that sends its messages to the pituitary organ to deliver luteinizing hormone and follicle animating hormone. 

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