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compacted, profound bodies. Like different cichlids, their lower pharyngeal bones are combined into a solitary tooth-bearing structure. A mind boggling set of muscles permits the upper and lower pharyngeal issues that remains to be worked out utilized as a second arrangement of jaws for preparing food, permitting a division of work between the "genuine jaws" and the "pharyngeal jaws". This implies they are effective feeders that can catch and procedure a wide assortment of food things. Their mouths are protrusible, normally flanked with wide and regularly swollen lips. The jaws have funnel shaped teeth. Ordinarily, tilapia have a long dorsal blade, and a parallel line which regularly breaks towards the finish of the dorsal balance, and starts again a few lines of scales underneath. Some Nile tilapia can develop as long as 2.0 ft. Other than their temperature affectability, tilapia exist in or can adjust to an extremely wide scope of conditions. An outrageous model is the Salton Sea, where tilapia presented when the water was simply bitter currently live in salt focuses so high that other marine fish can't endure. Tilapia are likewise known to be a mouth-agonizing animal varieties, which implies they convey the prepared eggs and youthful fish in their mouths for a few days after the yolk sac is consumed.    

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