A consequentialist normative framework. Determines the rightness or wrongness of associate degree action, policy, or social arrangement by its consequences. Above all, the consequence consequential is people's welfare.   Normativity is that the development in human societies of designating some actions or outcomes nearly as good or fascinating or permissible et al. as dangerous or undesirable or impermissible. A norm during this normative sense suggests that a regular for evaluating or creating judgments regarding behavior or outcomes.   We raise ourselves the question what a normative goal is. ... We tend to show that each agent that makes optimum choices – that we tend to decision a BO rational agent – acts as if it's increasing the set of normative goals which will be achieved. This can be the idea of our style of goal-based normative agents.   Normative legal theory thinks about with the ends and justifications for the law as a full and for explicit legal rules. Previous entries within the legal have examined exemplars of the 3 nice traditions in normative theory--consequentialist, deontological, and aretaic (or virtue-centered) views   Normative analysis, usually speaking, seeks for prescriptive theories and patterns. Normative within the prescriptive sense has the opposite of "functional” that issues itself with the means things work. So: Normative approaches handle however things ought to be done. Useful approaches handle however things square measure done.