Molecular And Cellular Biology Scientific Journals

Cell biology is that the academic discipline that studies the essential unit of living things, cells. Cells are the smallest independently functioning unit in the structure of an organism and usually consist of a nucleus surrounded by cytoplasm and enclosed by a membrane. Understanding the composition of cells and the way cells work is prime to all or any the biological and medical sciences. Examining the similarities and differences between cell types is especially important to the fields of cell and biology , because the principles learned from studying one cell type can be generalized to other cell types. The structures and functions within a cell often are compared to similar activities during a typical city. Mitochondria are the cell’s energy plants, plant chloroplasts are solar energy plants, chromosomes contain the original blueprints of the city, the endoplasmic reticulum represents the road system, Golgi apparatus is the post office and the nucleus is city hall. . Every cell typically contains many different sorts of proteins that function together to get the behavior of the cell. An important a part of cell biology is investigation of molecular mechanisms by which proteins are moved to different places inside cells or secreted from cells.