Military Trade

 Recently, the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) has been troubled by ongoing conflicts between organizational and trade union leadership. The culmination was the unforgettable march to Union Building which culminated in violent clashes between police and unionized soldiers. The incident created a disillusioning portrayal of the military as the company's protector. The circumstance involved a poignant question to be answered about the causes of that scene and whether there were military trade unions (MTUs) in the SANDF. The underlying cause of organizational unionization is generally dissatisfaction with human resource management practices and irresponsive leadership. In the SANDF the unhappiness is embedded in the dichotomous ideals Harbored by soldiers and their administrators. The political leaders anticipate and claim professional orientation while the soldiers ascribe the orientation to the occupation. This misalignment of beliefs contributed to perceptions of psychological contract breach. Because of the power dynamics that define any work relationship, workers have a weak bargaining power and often enter labor unions to help transmit their discontent. [Kgosana MC (2012) Sandf Labor Union: The Inevitable Consecution of Incompatible Values].  

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