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 Innovation, innovation, innovation! There’s few business event or conversation you'll have without hearing the term lately . Innovation has been one among the most well liked topics of the last few decades, and while tons of individuals are sick and uninterested in hearing about it everywhere, the term and therefore the concept behind it are here to remain . We've had various discussions about overseeing advancement, and if one thing's been very obvious from the beginning, it's that while there are a lot of various ideas and opinions associated with the subject, there’s surprisingly little consensus on what effective innovation management really is. As this has proven to be an endless source of debate, we decided to make a series of blog posts covering innovation management to undertake to demystify and clarify the subject for anyone interested. You’re now reading the most article within the series, during which we’re looking to elucidate the large picture and address all of the foremost important themes regarding innovation management. To begin with, we first got to take a glance at what innovation management actually is. Innovation management, as a term, is additionally a source of much debate. Some contend that the very meaning of development implies it can't be overseen, though others are heavy devotees to building frameworks and procedures for the point of making more advancement. As you'll probably guess, the truth isn’t as black and white. So, let’s first take a step back and consider what the term means.

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