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 The marine environment is an outstanding reservoir of bioactive compounds, in that many of the exhibit structural/chemical features  that are not found in terrestrial natural products. This is easily understood  in which the ocean covers almost 71% of the earth’s surfaces that  represents a uniqueness of the physical and chemical conditions, is considered as a very hopeful source of Natural Products covering a wide range of bioactivities. So the marine natural products plays a vital role in the drugs discovery. Since the Azorean archipelago is situated in the warm moderate region of the North East Atlantic, around 1200 km from Europe, the marine fauna and flora of this group of islands emerge to be a mixture of class which can be found both in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Marine macroalgae are rich and structuring organisms of the coastal area of the entire Azores archipelago, some having a noticeably seasonal pattern and others being present during the whole year in the Azorean coasts  

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