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Law and Order At the time of writing, a General Election is impending in the United Kingdom and many important issues are being publicly debated. Of these the question of law and order has taken a prominent place in the speeches of certain politicians. While it is arguable that law and order should not become a party issue, it is beyond question that a new Government of whatever complexion must place the problems of attrition of public respect for law, the rising crime rate, the need for improvement in policing and in crime detection, and in the enforcement of law and the improvement of punishments high on their list of priorities. The mischief caused by increasing offences of violence, for example, is not confined to those who suffer actual harm, but spreads throughout the community creating suspicion and mistrust which multiply fears and even engender violence in others. The relaxing of moral standards reflected in more liberal attitudes to sexual conduct, in the abolition of censorship and in the legalising of abortion may have their admirable side but must not be allowed to permit conditions in which those who value their integrity are at risk. The new freedoms, like the old, must be freedoms within the law. Wherever the boundaries are drawn there must be effective and efficient detection procedures for those who transgress acceptable limits. No one concerned with the detection of serious crime is in any doubt about the reality of the truly evil elements which have still to be contained. Clearly then the police have a vital role to play, a t least as vital as they ever had in more settled times. This Society has a close interest in the police and especially in those functions of the police which can benefit from the specialist help of the scientist and the laboratory technician. Whichever party succeeds to office, therefore, can count upon the support of the Forensic Science Society for any improvements in the means available to the police for carrying out these tasks. I t is well, however, to recall that there are tensions a t work within society, and within its various agencies.  

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