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 Cardiovascular diseases are conditions that have an effect on the structures or perform of your heart, such as:   • Abnormal heart rhythms, or arrhythmias • Aorta sickness and Marfan syndrome • Congenital heart condition • Coronary artery sickness (narrowing of the arteries) • Deep vein occlusion and embolism • Heart attack • Heart failure • Heart muscle sickness (cardiomyopathy) • Heart valve sickness • Pericardial sickness • Peripheral tube-shaped structure sickness • Rheumatic heart condition • Stroke • Vascular sickness (blood vessel disease) Cardiovascular disease is that the leading reason for death within the U.S. It’s necessary to find out concerning your heart to assist stop it. If you have got it, you'll be able to live a healthier, additional active life by learning concerning your sickness and taking care of yourself. Styles of disorder will have numerous causes; therefore it’s necessary to grasp the distinction. Abnormal Heart Rhythms The heart is a tremendous organ. It beats during a steady, even rhythm, concerning sixty to one hundred times every minute. That is concerning 100,000 times day after day. Generally your heart gets out of rhythm. Your doctor calls An irregular or abnormal heartbeat A cardiopathy. A cardiopathy (also referred to as a dysrhythmia) will achieve AN uneven heartbeat or a heartbeat that's either too slow or too quick.

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