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 Hypertension (HTN or HT), additionally referred to as high pressure level (HBP), may be a long medical condition within which the pressure level within the arteries is persistently elevated.[10] High pressure level generally doesn't cause symptoms. long high pressure level, however, may be a major risk issue for arterial blood vessel illness, stroke, failure, arrhythmia, peripheral blood vessel illness, vision loss, chronic nephropathy, and dementedness High pressure level is assessed as primary (essential) high blood pressure or hypertension. regarding 90–95% of cases area unit primary, outlined as high pressure level thanks to nonspecific style and genetic factors.[5][6] style factors that increase the chance embody excess salt within the diet, excess weight, smoking, and alcohol use. The remaining 5–10% of cases area unit classified as secondary high pressure level, outlined as high pressure level thanks to Associate in Nursing diagnosable cause, like chronic nephropathy, narrowing of the urinary organ arteries, Associate in Nursing endocrine disorder, or the employment of contraception pills. high blood pressure isn't in the middle of symptoms, and its identification is typically through screening, or once seeking aid for Associate in Nursing unrelated downside. Some folks with high pressure level report headaches (particularly at the rear of the top and within the morning), still as lightheadedness, vertigo, symptom (buzzing or hissing within the ears), altered vision or fainting episodes. These symptoms, however, could be associated with associated anxiety instead of the high pressure level itself. On physical examination, high blood pressure could also be related to the presence of changes within the optic body structure seen by ophthalmoscopy.The severity of the changes typical of hypertensive retinopathy is hierarchal from I to IV; grades I and II could also be tough to differentiate.[22] The severity of the retinopathy correlates roughly with the length or the severity of the high blood pressure.

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