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 Gynecological surgery refers to surgery on the female reproductive system typically performed by gynecologists.Gynecologic surgeries will alter sexual performance directly by touching the anatomy of the feminine reproductive organ tract. In one study of fifty girls UN agency underwent girdle surgery for female genital organ, cervical, or endometrial carcinoma, eighty three reported sexual issues compared with  two hundredth of the management cluster.They conjointly reported remittent concupiscence and impaired canal lubrication. It includes procedures for benign conditions, cancer, physiological condition and incontinence.Gynecological surgery could often be performed for elective or cosmetic functions.Every surgery has risks. Risks and complications of gynecologic surgery depend upon the kind of procedure. These embrace Major hemorrhage,Uterine perforation or harm to the wall of the womb, which might cause hemorrhage at the time of surgery or when surgery,Damage to a close-by a part of the body just like the intestine as a result of the elements of a woman’s genital system area unit terribly near to different organs,Urinary tract (kidney or bladder) infection,Damage to the tract, which might cause incontinence,Temporary issue with attending to the toilet,Pain with sexual activity,Allergic reaction to physiological condition,Infection,Blood clot,Nausea and puking when surgery,Belly pain and pressure when surgery

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