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 Sorts of diagrams:Coordinated chart:A chart wherein the bearing of the edge is characterized to a specific hub is a coordinated diagram.Coordinated Acyclic diagram: It is a coordinated chart with no cycle.For a vertex 'v' in DAG there is no coordinated edge beginning and closure with vertex 'v'.an) Application :Critical game analysis,expression tree evaluation,game assessment.Tree: A tree is only a limited type of graph.That is, it is a DAG with a limitation that a kid can have just one parent.Undirected chart:A chart wherein the course of the edge isn't defined.So if an edge exists between hub 'u' and 'v',then there is a way from hub 'u' to 'v' and the other way around.Associated chart: A diagram is associated when there is a way between each pair of vertices.In an associated chart there is no inaccessible hub.Complete chart: A diagram wherein each pair of diagram vertices is associated by an edge.In other words,every hub 'u' is neighboring each other hub 'v' in chart 'G'.A complete chart would have n(n-1)/2 edges.See beneath for confirmation.Biconnected chart: An associated diagram which can't be separated into any further pieces by erasure of any vertex.It is a chart with no verbalization point.Evidence for complete diagram:Think about a total chart with n hubs. Every hub is associated with other n-1 hubs. Hence it becomes n * (n-1) edges. Be that as it may, this checks each edge twice since this is an undirected chart so isolate it by 2.Along these lines it becomes n(n-1)/  

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