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  Any abnormality in the genome, especially a condition present from birth could be a genetic syndrome that is additionally referred to as non inheritable . A syndrome could be a disorder that has over one characteristic symptom. Once one or additional of those genes or chromosomes are a unit missing or mutated, then it ends up in genetic syndromes. There are unit 23pairs of bodys gift in deoxyribonucleic acid if anyone chromosome misses from these then it's going to additionally lead to genetic syndrome.Mostly the genetic syndromes are unit rare they occur for one in thousands or millions persons. Syndrome could be a disorder wherever over one characteristic feature or symptom happens. counting on the aspects of development every genetic syndrome can have several genetic symptoms. Genetic syndrome is tormented by genes and chromosomes. thanks to genetic syndrome a toddler could also be born with neurologic functions, abnormal body functions or maybe body deformities.Various genetic syndromes includes mongolians,Thalassemia,Cystic pathology,Tay-Sachs sickness,Sickle Cell Anemia.Due to genetic syndrome a kid could be born with obvious body deformities, abnormal organ operate or neurologic issues.    

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