Genetic Syndromes Impact Factor

  A syndrome may be an illness or disorder that has over one distinctive feature or symptom. every explicit genetic syndrome can have several typical options, betting on that aspects of development square measure stricken by the abnormal genes or chromosomes.When one or additional of those genes or chromosomes square measure missing or mutated, or if further chromosomes square measure gift, the proteins might not get created, could also be created incorrectly, or too several could also be created. Any of those things will cause abnormal development and growth and may lead to a genetic syndrome. generally these abnormal genes or chromosomes square measure passed down from a parent, and generally they occur ad lib while not reason. a toddler can be born with obvious body deformities, abnormal organs perform for instance organs like heart, brain, gut, or kidney, or neurologic issues like once a baby’s body is floppy or the baby is unable to nurse or bottle feed. However, several of the genetic syndromes begin to require impact one time the baby has been born and is commencing to feed and grow. These babies could look and act entirely traditional at birth, on the other hand develop issues shortly in life.Various genetic syndromes includes Angelman Syndrome,Cri du Chat Syndrome,Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), Fragile X Syndrome,Klinefelter Syndrome,Neurofibromatosis,Prader-Willi Syndrome,Rett Syndrome,Smith Magenis Syndrome,Turner Syndrome,Velocardiofacial Syndrome,Williams Syndrome,XXX Syndrome (Triple X).