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 f you have got ever had tinea or a yeast infection, you'll blame a plant. A plant may be a primitive organism. Mushrooms, mildew and mildew area unit examples. Fungi sleep in air, in soil, on plants and in water. Some sleep in the flesh. solely regarding half all kinds of fungi area unit harmful. Some fungi reproduce through small spores within the air. you'll inhale the spores or they will land on you. As a result, flora infections usually begin within the lungs or on the skin. you're additional seemingly to induce a mycosis if you have got a weakened system or take antibiotics. Fungi will be tough to kill. For skin and nail infections, you'll apply medication on to the infected space. Oral antifungal medicines also are out there for serious infections. flora illness outbreaks area unit rare. a deadly disease happens once 2 or additional individuals get sick from contact with identical supply, generally within the same time or place. this will happen outdoors or in an exceedingly health care setting, like a hospital. Detecting flora outbreaks early is vital so the individuals affected will get the proper treatment and then that health officers will forestall others from obtaining sick