OMICS Group International is an Open Access Publication organization which is pointing the speeding up of disclosure in the field of science, Technology and the executives the organization has 700+ friend investigated diaries in which Free strategic-management diaries is the a standout amongst other diary. Free-administration diaries are a Quarterly Journal which discharges its issue in a Quarterly way. In the year 2012 Free-strategic-management diaries was begun by OMICS Group International which has gigantic achievement rating from the day it began in the OMICS Group worldwide. Free- strategic-management diaries in the OMICS Group presents the executives field best and refreshed articles which are commendable in their articles, survey. OMICS Group International backings this framework and gives access to 700+ companion checked on diaries without any limitations and in this way advances the Open Access development so as to advance logical headway. The examination articles distributed in OMICS Group diaries are quickly and for all time accessible online without charge. The open access development picked up ubiquity after the Budapest meeting of the Open Society Institute in 2001.

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