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 The mission of the Evolutionary biology uses provides a forum for publishing new findings on Evolutionary biology and its related fields. Currently our primary research objective is to encourage and assist the event of higher and faster measures of research activity. In cases where we believe we will contribute directly, as against through highlighting the work of others, we are producing our own measures of publishing activity. Our work is especially of interest to investors, organizations and research individuals within the Evolutionary biology and related fields. Evolutionary biology may be a journal dedicated to producing analysis, insight and data concerning questions of importance in understanding the Evolutionary biology . Evolutionary biology journal from OMICS Group are an open access journal named as Journal of Evolutionary biology which strives to release issues quarterly and is adamant to publish new findings associated with the sector of Evolutionary biology journals. A forum for broad syntheses, in-depth treatment and conroversial ideas in evolutionary biology Brings critical reviews, original research and commentaries to greater understanding of the origins and variety of life Adapts the acclaimed format of the book serial to today's publication environment. Evolutionary Bioinformatics is a world , peer reviewed, open access journal that specialize in evolutionary bioinformatics. The journal aims to support understanding of organismal form and performance through use of molecular, genetic, genomic and proteomic data by giving due consideration to its evolutionary context.  

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