Forensic-Anthropology-Online-Journals (FAOJ) is a journal committed to the advancement of the science and professional development of the fields of forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology. Anthropology is the study of humans, beyond and present. To apprehend the whole sweep and complexity of cultures throughout all of human history, anthropology attracts and builds upon expertise from the social, biological as well as the humanities and physical sciences. Forensic anthropology is the exam of human skeletal remains for law enforcement corporations to decide the identification of unidentified bones. Forensic anthropology involves the utility of these equal methods to modern instances of unidentified human remains. Through the established methods, a forensic anthropologist can aid regulation enforcement in organising a profile on the unidentified stays. The profile includes sex, age, ethnicity, height, duration of time given that death, and every now and then the assessment of trauma visible on bones.   The journal frequently focuses on research, technical advancements, populace data, and case studies related to the restoration and analysis of human remains in a forensic context. Topics which includes forensic osteology, skeletal biology, and cutting-edge human skeletal version are within the scope of Forensic Anthropology. FAOJ is a peer reviewed journal, serving the International Scientific Community. This forensic technological know-how journal with highest effect factor offers an Open Access platform to the authors to post their studies outcome.

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