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Cyst Mucinosis is associate degree uncommon inflammatory disorder that characteristically presents as cyst papules and/or indurated plaques. The face, neck, and scalp square measure the foremost often affected sites, though lesions could occur on any website of the body. Histologically, the disorder is characterised by glycoprotein deposition within the cyst epithelial tissue. The condition is often divided into primary and secondary forms, with the latter type often related to fungal infection fungoides. during this case report, we have a tendency to describe a toddler with cyst mucinosis of the rear and trunk and discuss the clinical variants, histopathological pattern, and treatment choices. cyst mucinosis could be a rare disorder. the first type happens in youngsters and young adults. within the absence of different disorders, it ordinarily shows localized lesions of the face, head and neck that have an inclination to resolve among 2 months to 2 years. There aren't any clinical criteria to tell apart primary cases from cases related to fungal infection fungoides (MF); but, most patients with restricted involvement tend to own a benign course. Despite this assumption, follow-up is crucial. Follicular mucinosis, conjointly referred to as phalacrosis mucinosa, could be a cutaneal glycoproteinosis histologically characterised by accumulation of dermal kind mucin within the oil gland cyst and fat glands. It presents in 2 forms, a primary or upset type and a secondary type related to varied benign or malignant processes. Among the malignant processes, the most association is with fungal infection fungoides. The frequent overlap of clinical, histopathological, immunohistochemical and biological science characteristics makes the right classification of those conditions tough, thus an extended follow-up of all cases is usually recommended. we have a tendency to report the case of a young person with disseminated lesions and discuss the issue of early identification of secondary cyst mucinosis related to cutaneal cancer.    

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