Family medicine (FM), once medical practice (FP), may be a medicine dedicated to comprehensive health that looks after folks of all ages. The specialist is called a family medico or GP. In Europe, the discipline is commonly spoken as a general observer and a professional person as a general observer doctor or doc. This name emphasizes the holistic nature of this speciality, further as its roots within the family. Medical practice may be a division of medical aid that gives continued and comprehensive health care to the individual and family across all ages, genders, diseases, and elements of the body.Family physicians are a unit typically medical aid physicians. it's supported data of the patient within the context of the family and also the community, accenting illness bar and health promotion. in line with the planet Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), the aim of family practice is to produce personal, comprehensive, and continued look after the individual within the context of the family and also the community.the problems of values underlying this observe area unit sometimes called medical aid ethics.    

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