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 Etymology is that the study of the history of words. By extension, the phrase "the etymology of [some words]" suggests that the origin of the actual word. For place names, there's a particular term, toponymy.   For languages with an extended written history, etymologists create use of texts, and texts regarding the language, to assemble data regarding however words were used throughout earlier periods, however they developed in which means and type, or once and the way they entered the language. Etymologists additionally apply the strategies of comparative linguistics to reconstruct data regarding forms that square measure too recent for any direct data to be accessible. By analyzing connected languages with a way referred to as the comparative method, linguists will create inferences regarding their shared parent language and its vocabulary. During this manner, word roots in European languages, for instance, will be derived the entire manner back to the origin of the tongue family. Even though account analysis originally grew from the humanities tradition, abundant current account analysis is finished on language families wherever very little or no early documentation is out there, like Ural-Altaic and Austronesian.

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